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Hello, I'm Maggie Pashley. Welcome to my Change for Life site. My aim is to help you get more out of life by making long-lasting positive changes. This could mean feeling less stressed, more relaxed and confident, overcoming a major anxiety or phobia, getting out of a rut and seeing new possibilities, or being supported through a difficult time. Whatever it is, I would welcome the opportunity to help you.

Check out Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Emotion Code for help with anxiety, phobias, negative beliefs or physical tension, as well as for giving up smoking, weight loss, sports and performance coaching and much more  If you prefer ongoing support with a particular issue in your life, than a series of life coaching sessions  could really be the thing for you.

For one of the simplest and most effective tools for transformation and growth look no further than the Metamorphic Technique. And if you prefer a more physical approach, check out my reflexology page. And then there is healing and Quantum Touch for body mind and soul. Even if you're a long way away, don't forget EFT and life coaching work really well over the phone and equally Quantum Touch and healing can be done at a distance.

Maybe you would like to learn to do it yourself? Then check out my workshops in EFT and Metamorphic Technique.

Feel free to call me on 01535 957493 or 07939118136 or email me to book a session or for more info.


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