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Emotional Freedom Technique is an easily learnt, highly adaptable tool for overcoming all kinds of limiting patterns. Hundreds of professional therapists and a much greater number of enthusiastic lay users testify to EFT's unique ability to bring rapid and permanent relief form many problems, including anxiety, addictive cravings, traumatic memories and much more. It can be used on virtually anything and has very high success rate.

It is based on the principle that every negative emotion is caused by a disturbance in the body's subtle energy system. By tapping on a number of specific meridian points, this energy disturbance can be cleared and with it the underlying issue. These techniques are gentle, rapid and startlingly effective. It is not uncommon for longstanding difficulties to be cleared up in a few sessions, sometimes even in just one session.

Level 1 training (one day)
Level 2 Practitioner level (two days)
Level 3 Advanced level (two days plus supervision requirements)

View comments from workshop participants

Level 1 (one day) This is the foundation level training and is suitable for those intending to use EFT purely for self-help or for practitioners wishing to proceed to Level 2 (Practitioner Training).

Workshop includes:
Background to EFT - the discovery statement
Basic EFT tapping procedure
EFT shortcut version
Resolving inner conflict to change
What to do if it doesn't work
Using EFT for physical and emotional issues
Overcoming addictive cravings (chocolate, cigarettes etc.)
The Movie Technique

This workshop is very practical and you will have the opportunity to use EFT on one of your own issues.

Cost: £85 (£75 if paid in full 10 days before course)

Next Level 1 workshops:
Saturday 17th May 2014, 10am to 5pm

Venue: The Earth Centre, 211 Wakefield Road, Drighlington, Bradford, BD11 1EB

Order securely here or send a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit cheque for £40 to reserve your place.

Repeat for almost free: You can repeat for free provided there is space on the workshop. A small donation would be appreciated towards the cost of room hire.

Level 2 (two days) Practitioner level training
Prequisite: Level 1 training

This is a fantastic way for therapists to expand on existing skills and help clients more rapidly. Level 1 is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Workshop includes:
The Palace of Possibiilites - changing beliefs
Additional tapping points
Gentle ways of doing EFT
Finding core issues
Testing results
Working over the telephone
Using EFT in groups

Cost: £205 (£195 if paid in full 14 days before course start)

Level 2 Dates: contact me for next dates
Venue: The
Happiness Centre, Ilkley

On completion of the two day training you will be given a Attendance certificate. In order to receive Accredited Certified Practitioner status, you are required to fulfill post course assessment in the form of a multiple choice test and a minimum of 4 case studies, and 6 hours supervision. AAMET annual requirements are 30 hours CPD and 6 hours supervision, which can be done in a group.

I will be organising support groups to make these requirements easy to fulfill.

Order here securely or send a non-refundable/ non-transferable deposit cheque for £50 made payable to Maggie Pashley.


Repeat for free: You can repeat for free provided there is space on the workshop. A small donation would be appreciated towards the cost of room hire.

Level 3 Expert Level (two days)
Prerequisite: Level 2 training

This workshop will teach you some refinements of EFT to help you become an 'EFT artist'. Building on your existing existing skills you will learn how to use EFT in a more intuitive way. I will share with you many of the techniques I have found useful to enhance my practice.

The workshop will include:

The Choices Protocol - creating leverage for change
The Garbage and the Gold - intuitive rambling and reframes
Fresh perspectives - looking at a situation from different angles- great for relationships
Time travelling with EFT - using EFT for Inner Child work
The Law of Attraction and EFT

£205 (£195 if paid in full 14 days prior to workshop)

Order here securely on send a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of £50 to reserve your place


N.B. Post course assessment is by: a minimum of 4 case studies and meeting current AAMET regulations for supervision and mentoring

What previous course participants have said:

'I have been using EFT more and more just recently besides my Bowen therapy and I have really enjoyed it. I have had some amazing results with people for a wide range of problems. I owe you a big Thank You Maggie for teaching me such a brilliant therapy.!   I'm really amazed, Says me I was very uncertain after and during the EFT workshop, if you remember.?  But I am so pleased to have learnt EFT. What a powerfull tool to have!' Geoff

'I attended Maggie Pashley's EFT course in November 2006 with a healthy scepticism. I was sceptical about having only three days training to get to practitioner level and whether this was a suitable period of time in which to train adequately to then present the technique to other people. I was also sceptical about whether it would work! The course was very experiential with lots of interaction between students – a very hand-on approach was taken by Maggie in teaching us the basics. After the three days the scepticism was decidedly lessened after watching and witnessing the transformations and positive results that took place within the group of students attending and within myself.

The technique is very simple to use and can be applied to a number of conditions. A most interesting observation was that this technique of meridian tapping is very gentle with almost no side effects (maybe a little bit of emotional release on the recipient's part). It is also a very empowering technique that can be taught to clients for self-help and seemed to give back to the client that logical, rational, mental perspective that our emotions so often take away from us.

Maggie's approach to teaching was excellent and we “got our hands dirty” right from the word go. Maggie also brought a wealth of clinical experience to the group which was invaluable from a novice's point of view. Maggie is also a very gentle person whose energy is always supportive and positive towards your learning experience which makes her a really good teacher.

Thanks Maggie!'Alex

'Thank you for a great course. I really enjoyed both levels and got so much from them. My husband even commented when I walked through the door Sunday evening that I had a glow about me! Not your usual state after a weekend course!
I am continuing to use it for myself and have also had success with family and friends. After the initial 'it may look strange...." comment it's wonderful to see their reaction and their healing. Thank you the possibilities seem endless.' Debra

More testimonials on my testimonial page.

PLEASE NOTE: While I forever grateful to Gary Craig for his gift in sharing EFT, I practise EFT in my own unique style and am not associated with Gary other than having taken his academic certification program. I do, however, remain close to the Core Principles and respect the integrity of EFT and am a Trainer Member of the AAMET.