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I'm pleased to be associated with Amega as I consider they offer some really valuable products to promote health and wellness.

As a therapist, I'm only interested in recommending healing techniques or products that deliver results. I have had some excellent results using the AMwand.

The Amega Wand
This looks like a stainless steel pen but contains crystals and has been placed in a fusion chamber for twenty some days. The principle behind the wand is that it helps the body heal, by reminding it of where it originated - a place where there was no pain or discomfort. For me, the important thing is that it is portable, can be used by anybody and can really help people feel better.

Therapeutic Oils
These work really well with the AMwand and come in a small roller ball bottle which disperses the oil in minute quantiities which is all that is needed.

AMwater Actify Water
This system is a breakthrough in water ionizing as not only does it make alkaline, micro-clustered, anti-oxidant water but with one new and major differentiating feature: This water will also be zero point energized with Amized Fusion Technology!

There are also nutritional products and beauty products as well as pendants and jewellery.

For the full range and also to see what doctors and scientists think of this technology, please visit my Amega website

Please note I will be giving a free talk on the Amega products together with my friend Chris Miller at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley on Monday 28th February and also on the 8th March at 7.30pm after the evening meditation. All welcome!

We will be giving demonstrations of the wand and other products come along and make your own mind up.

Personal testimonials on the AMwand:
'I am so impressed at how it works on my energy centres and my back and leg feel amazing now' Steve

'I've had the first nights sleep since my back surgery 18 months ago and my back continues to feel better' Anne

'My migraine and my neck pain disappeared like magic' Danielle