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Reiki & Seichem workshops

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing which channels universal life force energy for health and well-being. This is something that has always been available but it was developed into the accessible form of Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) by a Japanese man called Dr Usui in the early 1900's. Since then it has spread throughout the world and today there are many Reiki healers throughout the world.

I was originally trained in Usui Reiki and then in the late 90's after practising Reiki for a few years cam across Seichem, a form of energy healing thought to originate in Egypt but re-introduced by an American woman called Kathleen Milner. According to Kathleen Milner's guidance, Reiki works primarily with Earth Energy while Seichem includes the Earth Energy of Reiki but also is part of a wider system which also includes the elements of Air, Fire and Water.

I could certainly feel a difference and enjoyed working with Seichem and so chose to train to teach it to others. I am a Reiki and Seichem Teaching Master and member of RASA, the Reiki and Seichem Association.

I teach the following levels of training in Reiki and Seichem.

Reiki and Seichem Level 1
Through a transfer of energy called an attunement you are initiated into the first level of this healing system. The workshop includes:

  • initiation into Reiki or Seichem Level 1
  • guidance on how to use this energy for self-healing
  • guidance on how to use this energy on other people and on animals
  • practise sessions
  • ways of using Reiki and Seichem for self-development

I teach Reiki and Seichem in the same class as the basics of using these energies for healing are broadly similar. The attunement differs as extra energies are passed on in the Seichem attunement.

Please contact me on 01535 957493 or 07939118136 for dates or to arrange one to one training

Reiki 1 - £70
Seichem 1 - £120 (or £50 if you have done Reiki 1 with me)

Turn on your healing abilities in this practical one day workshop. Reiki works with the Earth energy while Seichem offers a broader healing spectrum, incorporating the energies of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

You may choose to either begin with Reiki or Seichem. Reiki is a gentler energy and Seichem is in my opinion fuller and more versatile. The choice is yours - whether you want to start gently and build up or whether you know you are ready to go straight to Seichem. If you do choose to begin with Reiki you can have the Seichem attunement at a later date and simply pay an additional £40. If in doubt as to which of these is right for you, ask me.

Reiki and Seichem 2
In this workshop you can build on the foundations of Level 1 and receive:

  • attunement into Reiki or Seichem 2
  • instruction on how to use symbols for deeper healings and healing practice with these symbols
  • guidelines and practice on doing distant healing
  • further attunements into YOD to strengthen intuition and Order of Melchizadek to connect with healing lineages

Reiki 2 - £110
Seichem 2 - £160, (£50 if you already have Reiki 2 with me)

If you are unable to manage these dates, please ask me about a one-to-one attunement or arrange a small group.

Reiki and Seichem 3 and Teaching Master
Please ask me for details.

Do you really need Reiki in order to be a healer ?

No. of course you don't. I know some really good healers who are not Reiki-trained. I believe we all have healing abilities and these can be developed in different ways. However, I believe that for many people a Reiki attunement can be a very easy way of allowing people to open to those natural abilities and provide a framework to develop them.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone me on 01535 957493 or 07939118136 to discuss how learning Reiki and Seichem could benefit you.